Duties of a Roofing Contractor


The roofing contractor are the people who are concerned with installing the roofs and they use the roofing materials such as shingles, shakes and in some cases they may use the roofing tiles in case of where the roof is sloped. In order for any contractor to be employed by various companies which are involved in construction such as Concord Roofing & Construction there are some employment requirements which are needed. These requirements may include a certificate of completion of secondary school. Also in order to show that one is a qualified roofer the certification of inter-provincial trade which is also known as Red Seal is usually required. A good roofer should have completed an apprenticeship program which may take two to three years and have a work experience of three years in the trade in order to become eligible of being given a trade certificate. In British Columbia there is a certificate for residential steep which is provided to various roofers and is available for every roofer and they are given voluntarily.


In case one need or wishes to progress to supervisory positions with a work experience in the trade or in the field of constructing roofs one can possibly qualify without requiring any extra education. Also roofers allow for inter provincial mobility provided you have a certificate in the Red Seal trade. The salary report of a roofer is conducted every six years and according to statistics a roofer can earn an average salary of between $46,190 to $60,610 as of today. Check this website about roofing.


The contractor who are known as expertise of the roofer are concerned with various duties like coating the roofs where they use the waterproof to concrete or uses other masonry surfaces which are below or above the level of the ground. The Concord Roofing & Construction also prepares and makes scaffolding in order to offer innocuous contact to roofs. It is also the duty of a contractor to estimate the materials which will be consumed or required in order to quote the actual price which is needed to fund all those materials. They are concerned in installing sheet metal flashing, metal roofs and repairing these metal roofs by using their hand and power tools.


Also, it is the duty of a roofer to install, repair and replace any installed roof material by using various resources like, gravel and hot asphalt. Also they are the one responsible of installing, repairing and replacing single-ply roofing system through the help of waterproof sheet materials such as elastomeric, other asphaltic compositions and modified plastics.